About Us

STABILITY: SMTNW has been providing state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing services since 1996 with a solid reputation as a cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest. OUR MISSION: Growing and embracing the change of technology to manufacture the highest quality electronics for our customers with integrity and dedicated service. OUR PROMISE: We understand your needs and always provide efficient, flexible and professional services while fulfilling the individual requirements of our customers. Efficiency and flexibility are our promise because we believe this is what our customers are looking for. Here is a small list of capabilities we pride ourselves on: • Surface Mount (SMT) • AOI Visual Inspecting • Through Hole (T/H) • Turnkey or Consignment • High Mix/Low Volume • Complete ROHS assembly • Single/Double Sided boards • Quick Turns • Quick Quotes • ISO Friendly • BGA’s & QFN’s • Local Pickup/Delivery • Fine Pitch & 0201 -01005 • IPC Class 1,2,3 • DFM Evaluation • BGA Rework
For questions or facility tours…please call our office at 503.598.8696 or reach us through our Contact page, here on the website!



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